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All transits in the whole century (2003 - 2098)

Compute the instants of transit for your own location

Year:     Location:     Latitude:     Longitude:     Time Zone: (hours from Greenw.)
Path of Mercury across the solar disk
Plots every 15 minutes in azimuth-altitude coordinates frame
Grey dots mean that Mercury and the Sun are below the horizon

Path in equatorial coordinates frame

11 Novembre 2019

Position angles
  local time altitude ang.North ang.vert.
1st contact (C1)  

2nd contact (C2)  

Least distance  

3rd contact (C3)  

4th contact (C4)  

Estimated Delta T used in computations   sec


Do you wish to know the times of the five moments of Mercury transit for your location and you're not able to find them?
Fine! This page computes the transit circumstances for any places.

At the opening of the page computations are carried out for Viareggio (Italy).
Modify data and enter those ones concerning you.

Instructions for entering data
Most important italian towns only are listed here.
For other locations you are requested to insert concernig data into the boxes.
Latitude and Longitude must be entered in degrees and decimal.
Negative sign must be prefixed for South Latitudes and West Longitudes.
Time zone must be entered in hours with respect to Greenwich Time.
Negative sign must be prefixed if your location is West of Greenwich,
positive (or none) if East.
In Italy, on summertime, the difference of time
from Greenwich is 2 hours (daylight saving time adopted) so value +2 must be entered.
If altitudes are negative, the transit is non visible from the location.
Pay attention when entering data. No check about their validity is done.
Be sure that your data are correct and coherent.
Delta T should be adjusted according to the year.
After having changed data, "Update computations" button must be clicked.

Besselian elements from "Transits" by J.Meeus (Willmann-Bell publishing house)
Computation and software by F.Martinelli
(Javascripit code is freely reusable by anyone, but credits are appreciated)

Franco Martinelli